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Can I travel to my main residence in France during lockdown?

There has always been the opportunity to return home to France during the Covid Pandemic as long as you are considered ‘Resident’ in France.

For proof of residency a household bill with your French address is accepted, or the attestation of application for the Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit. There is no requirement, until 1 October 2021, that you must carry any formal means of proof of residence in the way of a physical residence card.

Even during the depths of travel lockdown, travel to France was possible – as long as you were resident in France and your outward-bound journey was prior to 31 January 2021 when the new rules were brought in.

Now those rules have been relaxed further and French residents, of any nationality, can return to France as long as they have a PCR Covid test within 72hrs of return and self-isolate for 7 days and have a follow up test on the 8th day. This is irrespective of the date of the outward-bound journey.

Please see the links below for further information.

Coronavirus - Advice for Foreign Nationals in France - Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (

Entry requirements - France travel advice - GOV.UK (

Current UK Law means that you are unable to leave the UK for holiday purposes, but returning to your main place of residence is allowed.

This information is current but subject to change – please keep checking the above links for up to date information.

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