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Real Life Residency

Annie and Humphrey have just completed their online applications for the

Withdrawal AGREEMENT Residency Permit and they’re both feeling pretty good about it.

Annie and Humphrey along with their beautiful Welsh Terrier, Pebble, live in South West France having retired here in 2007.

Welsh Terrier Dog
Pebble relaxing

When I interviewed them (virtually of course), I asked what prompted their relocation to France and they explained they were looking for a level of rurality that would have been more difficult to achieve in the UK.

It’s been a good move for them; they are both appreciative of the lifestyle they enjoy and they speak highly of the French healthcare system; they have no plans to return to Britain. In terms of adjusting to their new life they had some advantages. Annie had previously lived and worked in Geneva and speaks French fluently. Humphrey is less confident about speaking but he has a good level of French comprehension. Nonetheless, when last year, they applied for their Cartes de Séjour (Permanent) they described their experience as “time consuming, frustrating, and expensive.” I asked how applying for the Withdrawal Residence Permit compared with 2019. Annie said, “It was easier than we imagined. The French Government has made it very straightforward to apply.”

Mountain view over wheat fields, South West France
Annie and Humphrey's beloved mountain view

Humphrey agreed, “It really was simple, we only know of one other couple who have applied so far and they found it really accessible too.” Because they both already hold Cartes de Séjour (Permanent), Annie and Humphrey fall into the category of UK residents for whom the application process for the Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit is the least complex. They were required only to upload their current Cartes de Séjour although, like everyone else they will have to attend an appointment at their Préfecture to give their biometric data.

What advice can they give to those of us yet to apply?

Humphrey said, “Don’t worry too much about it, and go for it. I think some people might be

worried about the finance requirements but there’s lots of information out there.” Annie added, “We found everything we needed on the web but for anyone whose situation is more complicated than ours, I’d suggest they use one of services funded by the UK Government that can give information and support like the one the Diocese offers and I know there are others.”

Like Annie and Humphrey, it is essential for all UK Nationals who wish to remain Living in France after 31st December 2020, to apply for the Brexit Residence Permit. Pebble, however, need not apply.

Pebble a Terrier sitting on a chair with his cat friend.
Pebble and feline friend

If you would like information or support in making your online BREXIT Residence Permit, you can: send us an email or call our Residency Support Helpline on:

00 33 5 32 80 00 05

The Helpline is open:

Monday to Friday 9.30 - 12.00 and 13.30 - 16.00

Saturday 9.30 - 12.00 and

Tuesday evening 17.30 - 20.00

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