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The Préfecture Appointment

what can you expect?

Although our own experiences with each préfecture may differ widely, when it comes to the appointments for a Withdrawal Agreement Residency Permit, there are some general guidelines we can all follow to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly.

Firstly, keep calm! Remember that it is ‘an appointment’ and not ‘an interview’. The purpose is to match your face to your passport, to provide photographs, fingerprints and possibly to check extra paperwork. It’s neither a language test nor a test of suitability for residence, so try not to stress too much!

Think ahead! Like any appointment, it is important to be on time. Ensure that you know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and where you can park. It’s often difficult to find parking around the préfectures, so make sure you have plenty of time and a variety of ways to pay for parking.

Be organised! Check all communication from your préfecture to make sure you have what you need to attend. As a rough guide you will need:

Your WA RP confirmation email

Your invitation to appointment

Any additional documents requested

Two identity photographs

A valid passport

A previously held carte de séjour (if applicable)

A black pen

Anti-covid mask

Hand sanitiser

Strut your stuff! On the day of the appointment, arrive at the préfecture before your appointment time. Due to Covid19 restrictions you will usually have to wait outside so be prepared for the weather conditions. You will need your invitation to appointment in order to be admitted into the building, so it’s very unlikely that a companion without an appointment will be allowed in with you, unless for physical assistance.

Remember your Ps and Qs! One of the frequent concerns you tell us about is a lack of language skills. You are going to the Immigration Department and the staff here are skilled at dealing with people who don’t speak French yet. Bonjour, merci and au revoir are the essential oil in the machine and should see you safely through the whole experience.

Bonne Chance!

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